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This is a real melting pot that generates so much

Inside (formerly known as ARTEMIS) is about more than creating embedded intelligence: by connecting key players from across Europe, we also aim to shape the future perceptions of Intelligent Digital Systems and the next generation of engineers. Dr Sara Bocchio, Verification Manager at STMicroelectronics, looks at the benefits of being part of this growing community.

Helping to shape the future

“If I were to look at the main benefits of being an Inside community member,” Sara ponders, “I would say exposure, collaboration and future-proofing. Exposure is so important: exposure to knowledge, the state of the art, ideas, technology directions – being in the community, surrounded by people from all sorts of backgrounds, with all kinds of knowhow and perceptions – this is a real melting pot that generates so much value. Of course, this is only made possible by collaboration, and the Inside philosophy allows the collaboration to be really positive and open. People are prepared to share their knowledge because they are convinced that only through doing so can you mobilise the critical mass necessary to achieve great things. Also, by being involved in these developments, you are helping to shape the direction of future needs – strategic impact, in fact. You help shape the future, as it were, so for STMicroelectronics we have ‘inside’ information that can be put to good use for future business opportunities.” STMicroelectronics is actually one of the five founding fathers of ARTEMIS, back to the old days of 2004 in Rome (Italy).

Inside could play a role in improving the lot of women in high-tech engineering. I’m happy to contribute to this here.”

People make the difference

“I think if I had not become involved in the Inside community,” Sara continues, “I would certainly have missed out on quite a lot. And I’m not just talking about professional aspects. By definition, a community is made up of people. And it’s talented people that make things happen, after all. I have gotten to meet so many people on a personal level, face-to-face and screen-to-screen. Hopefully, the coffee breaks will soon be physical again rather than virtual but nevertheless, the people I have met – some of whom have become acquaintances and even friends – have enriched my personal life as much as my professional life.”

Level gender playing field

As women have not always found it easy to gain a foothold in the world of high-tech engineering, Sara also hopes for a future in which the gender balance within European ecosystems becomes less biased. “But that’s not something that can change overnight or without promoting to girls the opportunities on offer,” she concedes. “So how did I end up where I am, you may ask? Well, I guess it started when I played with my brother’s mechanical toys and developed a fascination for those gears. It’s generally starts at a young age. There seems to be a social ‘war’ on stereotyping at the moment, so perhaps that may level the playing field in the future so that engineering and science is not regarded as a gender-based subject at school, at university or as a career. We are seeing more women coming into the engineering world and by profiling the successes of women in the community this will give them real impetus and momentum to do extremely well! Inside could play a role in improving the lot of women in high-tech engineering. I’m happy to contribute to this here.”


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