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Meet The INSIDE Scientific Council

The Scientific Council provides guidance on research priorities, including through the drafting of the long-term vision chapter of the ECS-SRIA. This forms the basis for the calls of the Key Digital Technologies (KDT) Joint Undertaking, the Eureka Cluster Xecs and the Chips Act, as well as a wider set of European research programmes, giving the Scientific Council a significant role in shaping how Europe approaches technologies like embedded systems, edge computing and artificial intelligence.

INSIDE Scientific Council

The members of the Scientific Council have been selected for their scientific and technical expertise to cover INSIDE Focus areas and provide support on collaborative R&D&I programs along the entire value chain of the European electronic components and systems (ECS).

“As the Scientific Council, we soon realised that we needed a source of feedback from members and I believe that we should be working on stronger ties with them. Although our mission relates to supporting the Steering Board, all those activities and tasks have an effect on the Inside community in the sense that the SRIA sets up their directions and pointers. It’s actually one of the major tools used as input by the Commission in setting up funding areas, which definitely benefits our members directly. Our dissemination activities also have an impact on the community because they can learn about the tools and opportunities that exist. Up to now, I think that we have delivered strong messages about research and development that relate to the subject areas of INSIDE.

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