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Next four webinars on Horizon Europe

Save the date for the next webinars on Horizon Europe organized by the European Commission! These events are designed for proposal/grant coordinators, participants, and other stakeholders.

Horizon Implementation Day: Grant Agreement Preparation in Horizon Europe

Date: 17 October 2023, 09:30h to 12:45h (CEST, Brussels Time)

Lump Sum Funding in Horizon Europe: How does it work? How to write a proposal?

Date: 19 October 2023, 10:00h to 12:00h (CEST, Brussels Time)

Target group: Applicants and beneficiaries who are or will be involved in lump sum grants

Horizon Implementation Day: Grant Management in Horizon Europe

Date: 24 October 2023, 09:30h to 13:00h (CEST, Brussels Time)

Horizon Results Booster - Steering research towards a strong societal impact

Date: 14 November 2024, 10:00h to 12:30h (CET, Brussels Time)

Event Website: to be published soon at the Events page of the Funding and Tenders Portal


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