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KDT JU’s first calls to start already in 2021

The first KDT JU calls in 2021 will be launched on 16 December 2021. The newly formed Joint Undertaking today held its first official meetings, where the Governing Board and the Public Authorities Board promptly adopted all decisions necessary to launch the 2021 Call proposals with an estimated combined public funding exceeding EUR 360 million (Horizon Europe and National funds). This year’s special attention goes to AI/Edge and Open-Source hardware such as RISC-V.

Bert De Colvenaer, Executive Director of KDT JU, summed up this fruitful day: “We are proud to be among the very first Joint Undertakings under the Horizon Europe programme to launch calls in 2021. With today’s Board meetings, we have demonstrated great efficiency and effectiveness in decision making. This really is quite a nice Christmas present for the ECS sector. It was indeed very challenging to conclude before year-end, but we are determined to keep on working together to make the KDT JU program a reference amongst the European funding instruments. We will be announcing more plans for the next calls early next year. “

The urgency of developing electronic components and systems for achieving the European Green Deal and digital transformation goals has demanded an even deeper engagement of all members in defining the work to be financed by KDT JU. The public and private stakeholders have agreed to select topics in line with national and European policy objectives, as well as the needs of all industrial sectors.

More information about the calls will be published on the KDT JU website in the coming days.


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