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Inside Magazine Issue 5 is out!

INSIDE Industry Association Magazine Issue 5 is out now!

In this latest edition of the magazine:

  • Web 3.0 Game-changing possibilities for digital transformation - by Paolo Azzoni

  • Working on the technology today for the application solutions of tomorrow - interview with Annalisa de Pastina of Silicon Austria Labs (SAL)

  • EDI - Institute of Electronics and Computer Science and the INSIDE ecosystem – by Rihards Novickis and Kaspars Ozols

  • An industrial powerhouse in the markets of the future – by Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni and Paolo Azzoni

  • MLBuffet - An open-source ML model server developed by ZYLK – by Ester Sola

  • Collaboration for competitiveness – by Erika Györvary of CSEM

  • Inside the Open Continuum project – by Albert Seubers, Catarina Pereira and Eugenia Kypriotis

  • Eclipse Arrowhead - The possibility of a Utopia – by Jerker Delsing

  • Beyond one size fits all: Bi/ond and the journey to personalized medicine - by Cinzia Silvestri

  • MFI5.0 at IEEE NOMS 2024 in Seoul – by Michaela Eder-Jahn

And much more!

You can find this and much more here:


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