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INSIDE Industry Association shines at Embedded World 2024

by André Hebben and Heidi Teunissen

The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2024, held from April 9-11 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, marked as usual a remarkable milestone for the international embedded community. With over 1,100 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries and an impressive turnout of more than 32,000 visitors from 80 countries, this year’s event was a testament to the growing significance of the embedded and cyber-physical domains as the key meeting place for industry professionals.

Amidst the bustling exhibition halls and lively discussions, the INSIDE Industry Association proudly hosted a booth that featured four of our innovative SME members: Ropardo, Abinsula, Virtual Vehicle, and Verum Software. This initiative aimed to subsidize SME participation in a high-profile and very expensive event, showcasing the benefits of the Association membership and its core values. Our booth was a vibrant hub of activity, providing great visibility to the SMEs, showcasing cutting-edge products and solutions, and fostering intensive dialogue that led to numerous new business prospects for our SMEs.

A Platform for Growth and Innovation

The enthusiastic response to our booth underscored the importance of providing SMEs with opportunities to shine on a global stage. Each of our participating companies brought unique strengths and innovations:

  • Ropardo showcased their groundbreaking demo featuring real-time visual tracking of eye movements, and AI driven real-time analysis. This innovative technology can gauge demographics, and interest based on pictures, paving the way for advancements in personalized ads, billboards, and a multitude of other applications. The demo captivated visitors, demonstrating the potential of eye-tracking technology in enhancing user engagement and experience.

  • Abinsula impressed attendees with their expertise in embedded software and system integration, offering robust solutions that cater to a variety of industries. Their commitment to delivering high-quality embedded systems resonated with many potential partners and clients, further solidifying their reputation as a leader in the field.

  • Virtual Vehicle highlighted their research in mobility and automotive technology with a walking robot. This demonstration drew a crowd, illustrating the potential of autonomous systems and the role of embedded technology in advancing mobility solutions.

  • Verum Software demonstrated their advanced software design tools that enable the creation, simulation, mathematical verification, and automatic generation of code for embedded and cyber-physical systems. Their tools support software engineers in developing defect-free software quickly and reliably, making the application of formal methods as straightforward as using a grammar checker in a word processor. This innovative approach to software development drew significant interest from attendees looking for reliable and efficient solutions.

The high engagement at our booth translated into promising new leads and collaborations, reaffirming the value of our association in supporting SME growth.

Embedded World 2024: A Resounding Success 

The overall success of Embedded World 2024 was evident in the packed exhibition halls and the vibrant exchange of ideas. Executive Director Benedikt Weyerer summarized the event as “simply great,” highlighting the thousands of happy faces and in-depth conversations that took place. The highcaliber conference sessions, featuring 1,871 participants and speakers from 45 countries, further enriched the experience with topical presentations and intensive discussions. Highlights included keynotes on “Embedded AI” by industry giants AMD and Analog Devices, as well as sessions on “Display Innovations” and “Display Market & UX.” The conferences’ success demonstrated the community’s appreciation for the intensive work and careful selection of the program committees.

Empowering the Next Generation and Promoting Diversity

Embedded World 2024 also emphasized the importance of diversity and the next generation of industry leaders. The #women4ew event provided a platform for female empowerment and networking, while the Student Day offered young enthusiasts a glimpse into the fascinating world of embedded technology, complete with inspiring keynotes and hands-on activities.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Our Presence in 2025

Building on the success of this year, INSIDE Industry Association is excited to announce that we will be doubling the size of our booth at Embedded World 2025. This expansion will allow us to offer even more space for our members to showcase their innovations and connect with potential clients and partners.

In addition, we are considering the possibility to include a “Speaker Corner” where industry experts will deliver lectures on the latest trends and technologies. This new feature aims to enhance the educational aspect of our booth, providing valuable insights and fostering knowledge sharing within the embedded community.

Join Us Next Year

As we look forward to Embedded World 2025, scheduled for March 11-13, we invite more SMEs to join our growing community. Together, we can continue to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and showcase the incredible potential of the embedded industry.

For more information about joining the INSIDE Industry Association and participating in our booth at Embedded World 2025, please contact us at

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