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European Chips survey

With the announcement of the Chips Act and because the shortage of chips could last for several years, as association active in ECS-based value chains, Inside has taken the initiative to collect, anonymise and aggregate data on the expected demand of chips and their characterisation in the next decade. We will carry on this analysis in full respect of compliance and with full discretion. We anticipated the needs of the Public Authorities, Members States and EU Commission in evaluating the demand of chips, and the Association is proud to take part to this analysis, considering its strategic value under the current geopolitical context.

We inform our members that, with the same objective of better understanding how the shortage of chips will affect European industry, the European Commission has started a parallel questionnaire, the European Chips Survey. Please note that the participation in this survey is completely voluntary, your input is not mandatory, and you are free to provide even partial information in respect to confidentiality. If you want to contribute, please respond to the European Chips Survey by 20 March 2022.

Should you have question, please contact us at


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