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This unique course has been designed to address the needs of organisations and people involved in international collaborative EU funded projects. Is the only course developed around the PM² Methodology of the European Commission with a strong focus on its application to Horizon projects.

​The course includes all the essentials for the understanding of the EU projects environment such as the rights and obligations of EU funds beneficiaries and provides step-by-step guidance for the management of projects. 

​The course will equip participants with all the necessary knowledge, skills and reference sources to help them understand, tailor and effectively use the PM² Methodology for the coordination of multi-party project work, but also for the effective reporting and smooth communication with the Project Officers of the European Commission.

​During this two-day training, the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of project management will be discussed and participants will understand how PM² addresses them. With the help of workshops and exercises, participants will be in a position to start implementing some of the PM² best practices which will increase the quality of their project management. After the training, participants will be able to more successfully coordinate collaborative projects and increase their success rates by implementing PM² in their proposals. Strictly limited seats per course ensure a focused learning experience and a customised programme.

The completion of the course entitles participants to pursue the PM² Basic Certification (see more information below). At the end of the the training, participants receive the proof of training and a complimentary voucher (normal cost € 150) for the PM² Basic Certification. 

DATE: 1-2 February 2024

PLACE: Brussels



This training course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop successful project proposals for the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme. The Erasmus+ Programme is the European Union’s flagship programme for education, training, youth and sport. It provides opportunities for individuals and organisations to engage in international activities that promote personal and professional development, foster mutual understanding, and contribute to the modernisation of education, training and youth systems.

Over the course of two days, participants will explore the various features of the programme, including its funding streams and priorities, and learn how to navigate the requirements and criteria for proposal submission.

Through interactive exercises and group activities, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the importance of defining project objectives, conducting needs analysis, and designing a winning project concept and methodology. They will learn how to develop a comprehensive work plan and identify work packages and activities, as well as how to monitor and evaluate project progress and ensure quality assurance.

Participants will also learn about the importance of risk management in project development, building effective partnerships and cooperation arrangements, and ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of their projects. In addition, they will learn about budget and financial planning, including how to create a comprehensive project budget and assess the cost-effectiveness of their projects.

By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the competencies necessary to develop and submit successful project proposals for the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme. They will be able to identify the key features and priorities of the programme, develop clear and measurable project objectives, design a comprehensive work plan and budget, and effectively manage project risks, partnerships, and sustainability.

DATE: 5-6 February 2024

PLACE: Online



The H2020 Research Funding framework of the European Commission for the 2014-2020 programming period reserved the biggest budget portion for research that has ever been endowed from the EU budget before 2014. Projects funded under H2020 are still being run and are going to be subject to EC surveillance for as long as five years after their completion. That is why knowing and understanding H2020 financial rules is a must for H2020 projects managers.

This online course is an opportunity to grasp the basic principles for managing the EC funds under the Horizon framework. It is addressed to all those project managers, accountants, financial officers, who on a daily basis have to document and keep detailed information on how they spend the EC money.  We will discuss the EC’s audit approach to Horizon beneficiaries in order to reassure project managers in their interaction with auditors.

With the new programming period 2021 – 2027 the EU budget envisages even more important investment focus on Research and Innovation, with its new framework Horizon Europe. We will discuss the novelties – investment focus, financial rules and simplification.

DATE: 15-16 February 2024

PLACE: Online


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