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Become an Insider and join the Inside Industry Association meetings and events for free! Network, create, innovate and do business together: the opportunities are Inside!

The Inside Industry Association is a community with more than 200 key players in European Research and Innovation that are active in Intelligent Digital Systems and in the ECS domain. Join the association and team up with a network of excellence, delivering innovation and impact along the entire value chain! Together we strengthen Europe’s position in Intelligent Digital Systems, strive for leadership in this domain and become front-runners at global level.


What's inside?



Learn from the community, share research efforts to speed up innovation and create Intelligent Digital Systems together. Join our workshops, events, and our network. You will learn from a community which gathers the most innovative players, corporations, and research institutes amongst the top patent depository in their field.

Computer Circuit Board Macro


Join consortia, build project proposals, and get financial support with instruments such as KDT (ECSEL successor), Xecs and the upcoming Chips Act.

Contribute to the development of key application domains, such as mobility, digital industry, energy, healthcare and wellbeing, agrifood & natural resources, and digital society.



Be part of a rich, diverse and interdisciplinary network of experts, benefit from cross-domain fertilization and interact with peers and key players in the context of European research, design and innovation.



Boost your visibility in the community via our publications, events and establish new relationships with stakeholders over the complete Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) value chain. Keep at the state of the art, and beyond, and boost your competitiveness.



Share a European common vision and approach, to reach the required critical mass, to create an ecosystem, to reduce the risks connected to innovation, to address together geopolitical, societal, economic issues and challenges, and ensure the impact of innovation on our businesses and lives, for a better, safer, and sound future.



'Shape the future’, by co-defining the European strategy, roadmap and priorities of European collaborative research in the domain of Intelligent Digital Systems, annually co-edit the ECS Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (ECS-SRIA), contribute to domain-specific reports and white papers.



A vibrant, creative, agile and interdisciplinary community inspires innovation, which is nothing like business as usual. And with the support of the European Commission and Member States, Inside Association helps raising the awareness about the relevance of Intelligent Digital Systems for Europe.


Fixed membership fee

Are you an insider or wanting to become one? Depending if you are participating in KDT projects, there are several different contribution fees within the Inside Industry Association. To become a member of the community, is easy: the fee is in all cases the same.

The annual Membership Fee of the Inside Industry Association - per calendar year excl. VAT in 2021 amounts to:

Fixed Fee

It's about what's Inside that counts!
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Contributions overview

Category                                                     Member                                                                                    Fee

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)          SME Member                                                                           €500

Research organisations & universities        Research organisation and non profit member                      €500

Large enterprises < EUR 500 M                 Corporate member                                                              € 2,500

Large enterprises > EUR 500 M                 Corporate member                                                              € 5,000

Umbrella & branch organisations               Associates                                                                               €500

(no internal R&I activities)

                                                                    Extraordinary member                                                            None


Variable Fee

Inside Industry Association pays - together with AENEAS and EPoSS - part of the administrative costs of the KDT Joint Undertaking. The other part is paid by the European Commission. Inside Industry Association finances its contribution to these costs through a so-called 'Variable Fee'. See the revised Articles of Association (AoA) and the Bylaws.

The Variable Fee is calculated based on the maximum possible funding, which is the maximum funding that you may receive from the Funding Authority and/or from the National Funding Authorities, as specified in the PAB Decision.

The invoices of the Variable Fee are addressed directly to the representatives of the partners in project consortia. The Variable Fee will only be invoiced after the Grant Agreement has been signed by KDT or the European Commission.

More information and a calculation example can be found in Variable Fee details.

The non-member project partners of Inside are encouraged to become a member considering all the benefits from joining the Industry Associtaion.

Variable Fee


for C Members only

The contribution fee of the so called 'freeriders' in an ECSEL-JU project is to be covered by the Inside Industry Association C-members in the project, as defined in the Articles of Association (AoA) and the Bylaws.


All C-members of Inside Industry Association have agreed to pay an extra variable contribution to compensate for non-contributing non-members participating in the same ECSEL-JU projects as they are. The extra variable contribution is called the ‘C-member Share’. The C-member Share is invoiced annually, starting from the second year of the project.

More information

Detailed information about Inside Industry Association and its Bylaws is available on the regulations webpage. Any questions and/or concerns may be directed to the Inside Industry Association office.

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