“New methodologies rely on new and better algorithms and formalisms that are often initially developed in academia and then have to be applied in real life. What Inside offers is the combination of university research, knowledge institutes like ours and industry itself, and this virtuous circle continuously brings the field further."

Wouter Leibbrandt

Science and operations director at TNO

Inside is the Industry Association that strives for a leading position of Europe in Intelligent Digital Systems. The Association is a membership organisation for the European R&I actors with more than 200 members and associates from all over Europe.

The multidisciplinary nature of the membership provides an excellent network for the exchange of technology ideas, build together strategic R&I agenda’s, cross-domain fertilisation, as well as for large innovation initiatives.

Inside is all about Creating Intelligent Systems together. The association serves as a European Technology Platform providing networking opportunities, a channel to inspire politicians and support to apply for funding in the Electronic Components and Systems value chain for R&I participants.


Without communities like Inside, it is difficult or even impossible to get to know a significant number of European projects and analyse their impact.

Paolo Azzoni

Head of European programmes at Eurotech


The Inside 

What’s driving the Inside Industry Association? That mankind should benefit from a major evolution in our society, whereby our world is widely supported by Intelligent Digital Systems and System(s) of Systems.

A world in which all systems, machines and objects become smart, to exploit digital information and services around them, through communication with the environment and with people, and where possible managing their resources autonomously.




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