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Explore the six technologies that create Embedded Intelligence

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Creating Intelligent Systems together

Inside Industry Association is the European Technology Platform for research, design and innovation on Intelligent Digital Systems and their applications.

Summer School

Inside news


16-20 April 2023

Dublin, Ireland

ICST 2023

17 April 2023


Webinar WG Standardisation reports

17-19 Apr 2023

Antwerp, Belgium

DATE 2023

22-24 May 2023

Lisbon, Portugal

ITS European event

23 May 2023


Webinar: Role of IoT and Edge Computing in addressing biodiversity and environmental monitoring paper

25 May 2023

Oxford, UK

ECS 2023

5-9 June 2023

Barcelona, Spain

RISC-V Summit Europe


“We now see Inside bringing together the whole value chain. All the players are present here and we see that it’s much more important that everyone in the chain comes to an agreement on what the next generation of chips and software will look like and on what to develop in the future.”​

Jerker Delsing

Lulea University of Technology

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 Inside is as much about coming to understand one’s own competencies as it is about developing new ones. “In too many cases, people think they can ask a company to come and help them. This will not work in the long term as you don’t have the core competencies yourself. You have to understand the level of competency your organisation needs to be functional and competitive.”


Inside Industry Association is a membership organisation with over 250 members. We represent our members interests to policy makers and make sure to create a networking environment to stimulate collaborations and the creation of new projects consortia.

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Patrick Pype

Director Strategic Partnerships at NXP

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